Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Child Abuse

On Friday, John McCain selected Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to be the Republican candidate for Vice President on his ticket. Political pundits questioned her experience for the job and McCain's judgment in choosing her.

Three days later, the McCain campaign announced that Palin's teenage daughter was pregnant out of wedlock. Human beings everywhere wondered what the hell Palin was thinking by (1) accepting the nomination under these circumstances, and (2) subjecting her poor daughter to the media spotlight of a presidential campaign.

I have to imagine that dealing with an unplanned teen pregnancy is a wrenching proposition under normal circumstances.

I have to imagine it's even more challenging and painful to do when you're the daughter of the governor of an extremely small state in which the governor is very visible and popular.

It has to be infinitely more difficult to manage when your mother is running for Vice President of the fookin' United States!

Parents are supposed to protect their their children. Honorable folks do it every day, making sacrifices and foregoing personal gratification in a number of areas so their children can have the best opportunity for happy and healthy lives.

Not so the McCains and Palins. The adults who are putting Palin's daughter through what will come are sickening.

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