Sunday, June 27, 2010


For those whiny sticks in the mud who claim they hate soccer because no one ever scores, the first four knockout round matches of World Cup 2010 played yesterday and today resulted in a total of 15 goals, with no match having fewer than three.

Not bad, imho.

In terms of the pool...

* The United States were eliminated on Saturday at the hands of Ghana, losing 2-1.
* Remaining teams as of Sunday night: Spain and Paraguay

* The Three Lions of England were unceremoniously dumped by a rampaging, counter-attacking Germany squad by a margin of 4-1 on Sunday
* Mexico was also bounced out, with the Albiceleste of Argentina besting El Tri 3-1
* Remaining teams as of Sunday night: Portugal and Japan

* Mr. Proudfoot didn't lose a team this weekend
* Ghana showed the U.S. the door, 2-1, earning a quarterfinal clash with Uruguay
* Brazil plays Chile on Monday
* Remaining teams as of Sunday night: Brazil and Chile

* Much to his chagrin, Mr. Chamberlain also survived the weekend without losing a team, but he'll bid farewell to either the Netherlands or Slovakia on Monday, as they play one another
* He can't bring himself to root for them, but his Argentines rolled over Mexico today
* Remaining teams as of Sunday night: Netherlands, Argentina, Slovakia

* Dave's Germans are looking strong after the England victory, but they face a buzz-saw in Argentina for their quarterfinal match
* Uruguay beat South Korea on Sunday and faces Ghana on Friday in the quarterfinals
* Chile goes up against the biggest giants of them all, Brazil, on Monday
* Remaining teams as of Sunday night: Germany, Uruguay and Chile


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