Thursday, March 5, 2009

The First of July

July 1 has special resonance in the Pietranton family, as it's the birthday of my brother, Ryan. This July 1, Ryan will turn 35, a milestone I can't believe we've reached.

I mean, wasn't it just yesterday that we were little kids growing up in Las Vegas, playing sports in the backyard or excitedly preparing for a summer vacation trip back East to see our grandparents and cousins?

Now, he's married, has a home of his own, and we live 300 miles apart. But I'll still look forward to celebrating his birthday in just under four months, whether we're actually together on the date or not.

This year, July 1 also brings another gem into the world: the release of Michael Mann's next movie, "Public Enemies." I'm not about to suggest that debut of a film rates as equally important as the birth of my little bro. But it's up there. (Just kidding, Ryan.)

That said, Michael Mann directing Johnny Depp and Christian Bale in a period drama about John Dillinger? Fughedaboudit. Expectations couldn't be higher.

Take a look at the trailer below. You be the judge.

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