Tuesday, June 17, 2008


The Boston Celtics destroyed the Lakers by 39 points in a rout of historic proportions to win the NBA championship for 2008.

I've never seen a Lakers team get rolled this badly in such a decisive contest. And neither has anyone else. The Celtics' 39-point margin of victory was the greatest in a clinching game in the history of the NBA Finals.

As my friend's grade-school-age son noted, when he added up the differential in the closing seconds and noted the Lakers were down by 40: "Hopefully we'll learn from this for next season."


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John Joyce said...

We're pretty speechless here in Boston too. Perhaps from the shock of witnessing that brutal beating the C's inflicted on the Fakers.

Or was it from all the joyful screaming during the last 3 quarters of the game when the final result was obvious?

Or perhaps we're all too busy trying to get the WOPR computer from War Games to translate Garnett's post-game chat w/ Michelle Tafoya?

In any event, it's all good. :-)